Sunday, January 3, 2010


We spent Christmas Eve with my parents and Lisie and Jason and their kids. We had a great meal, a lesson that Lisie prepared, then we made candy houses. The kids opened their new pajamas and then we spent time just visiting. It was nice. We don't have to get up quite as early these days on Christmas morning, but 7am rolls around pretty quick when you're staying up late the night before waiting for Santa to arrive! The kids were excited as usual and I have to admit that watching the kids open gifts is the best part of Christmas morning for me. We started carrying on the tradition of lining up the kids in the hallway and taking their picture before they open gifts like Rod and his sisters used to do. Connor's big gift was an electric guitar that he lovingly named "Janine" for reasons I'm still a little fuzzy on. Syd, Grace and Millie got mostly clothes and shoes just like they asked for, and they were very pleasantly surprised to find that Santa brought them the Wii and a trampoline! The best part about Christmas day is spending time with our family. We always spend a couple hours at my parents, then we go straight to Rod's parents house to eat and open presents. Luckily for us, they live just a mile or 2 apart! Our kids are very blessed to have both sets of grandparents alive and well and living so nearby! I love my family!


  1. Very cute pictures. Love the "lining up" - all 9 of us used to have to line up in the hallway (youngest to oldest) with the door to the front room closed, then my dad would check to see if Santa came! Such fun memories!

  2. I love the trampoline. Very nice. We didn't take one picture on Christmas this year! But, we have video. Every year we take video of each kid coming out one at a time from youngest to oldest. You should have SEEN Analise running out! JK! Fun times, wish we could have participated in the family fun. Sigh. Love your blog.

  3. Les,
    I love the trampoline. I need to get over there so I can see it and Syd's room in person.
    I love you.

  4. YOUUUUUUUUUUUUU- WHOOOOOOOOOO Christmas is OVER. Let's see some more pics, mmmmK?